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Erik Skupeika

There are a lot of different variables when it comes to buying or selling a home in South Florida. Whether your interests are South Florida luxury homes or Hollywood real estate close to the beaches you may be asking yourself if there is a South Florida realtor near me?

More importantly, you might be asking yourself if you can find a realtor near me that you can trust.

You will also want to choose a South Florida luxury real estate professional who prioritizes their clients real estate needs and puts his or her clients above anything else.

I do everything by the book in all my South Florida real estate transactions.

The only thing I value more than my clients is my family and my Florida real estate license.

If anything that doesn’t sit well with me or has not been deemed ethical by the National Association of Realtors , I WILL NOT be involved with it.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Luxury Real Estate Professional

I have a multitude of resources to help you purchase your South Florida dream home. I’m also extremely knowledgeable to help you sell your home at the best value possible.

Specializing in the following real estate services:

I have a background in internet marketing with over 10 years experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) . When you choose me as your South Florida Luxury Real Estate Professional, you will already be ahead of the competition.

What does this mean to you?

Selling your home it’s not just about putting up a sign in your front yard and plugging in information into the MLS system. There is much more to it.

As your luxury real estate professional, I have much more resources in my arsenal of knowledge. I use my marketing skills to provide ways of getting exposure to increase your chances of selling your home.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)
  3. Social Media Marketing

Hollywood Real Estate, It’s About Quality Not Quantity

I believe in quality above all else. Yes, I could tell you how I generated hundreds of potential buyers for luxury homes using my internet marketing techniques. How many of those buyers actually purchased your home that is for sale?

It’s just not about getting in front of potential buyers who are looking for Hollywood real estate it’s about precision. As your South Florida Realtor, I provide you with laser focused marketing. This helps to gain the attention of potential buyers who are interested in exactly what your home has to offer.

Knowledge of the Purchase Process

Buying or selling luxury homes in South Florida should be an amazing experience.

I strongly believe that as your Luxury Real Estate Professional I will:

  1. Stand up for my clients
  2. Be the front line of defense for my clients
  3. Guide & Give 100% satisfaction during and after Florida real estate transaction process.

If you are a first time luxury homes buyer or even if this isn’t your first Florida real estate rodeo, contracts can be downright intimidating.

I apply my knowledge of Hollywood real estate to help my clients understand each and every document in the real estate transaction. My clients know exactly what is being signed and why or why not they should do so.

I lend a hand in the decision making process but the client has the last say.

Having a good understanding of what my clients Hollywood real estate needs and wants are at the top of my list.

I work diligently with my clients to make sure we are all on the same page in the Hollywood real estate buying or selling process.

This laser focus type of mentality may not seem important at first.  When time is of the essence, this can be a valuable asset to help focus on the desirable luxury homes and negate the undesirable.

Response Time of Luxury Real Estate Professional

I firmly believe that communication and transparency are extremely important to building long term relationships in the Florida real estate field.

Many people have used the search term realtor near me to help them find their luxury real estate professional. There could be a lot of choices that come up when using  the term realtor near me. How do you find a luxury real estate professional that is perfect for you?

Communication is extremely important not only for any real estate transaction but is a huge help when building a trustful relationship.

When my clients call, I answer back. I’m never too busy to take care of my clients. I will never come across as being too arrogant to help my clients in their time of need.

That is not the way I work, I never have and I never will.

When searching for a realtor near me make sure they have the same beliefs.

Response time is imperative.

I will return messages as well either by direct phone call, text, or email.

I do respect my appointments with my clients and will return calls once my appointment is complete.

As your luxury real estate professional, I will show you the same respect and will devote all my my attention to you as well once you become my client.

No one likes to be ignored, including myself.

It’s just good business to call back my clients and at least acknowledge that you (my client) deserve to be kept in the loop.

Like I said before, time is of the essence when it comes to the Hollywood real estate market and I need to strike while the iron is hot because if I don’t I know someone else will.

Realtor Near Me

I have always been a team player and I collaborate with others to achieve the ultimate goal.

If you are interested in buying or selling any type luxury homes or any other types of South Florida real estate I will be the quarterback that will take you to the Superbowl.

Without a strong Quarterback, your Florida real estate goals may not become a reality.

Expert Knowledge of the Hollywood Real Estate Market

Your luxury real estate professional has to have expert knowledge of the South Florida area. I know the ins and the outs of the Miami, Sunny Isles, and Hollywood real estate market.

If I don’t have an answer I have a huge network of South Florida Realtors that I can turn to in order to find the answer.

I have lived in South Florida all of my life. I understand the real estate market and trends. Don’t be surprised when you search for a realtor near me and my information comes up.

This knowledge is key when it comes to the South Florida real estate market.

What’s hot and what’s not, I will use my expertise to help find the home of your dreams or investment property that will keep giving you a return on your investment in the future.

There are so many variables and the South Florida real estate market is constantly changing.

I keep up with the South Florida real estate market trends so that I can pass on my knowledge to my clients to help them choose an equitable and smart investment.

Exceptional Negotiation Skills

As your South Florida luxury real estate professional, I will always put my clients first and foremost especially when it comes to the negotiation process.

I have been in the sales industry all my life. I know how to stand firm when it comes to the best interest of my clients.

No matter what it takes I am unstoppable in my pursuit of making sure that I will come through when my clients need my expertise in the negotiation process.

Let me be your first line of defense and do all the hard work for you so that we can come to the best terms possible.

This is the reason for hiring a luxury real estate professional and this is what I will provide for you.

I’m Your Realtor, Welcome Home!

Erik Skupeika
CENTURY 21 King Realty
2434 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020

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